About the Interim Director – James Truher

James has been a professional musician since 1982.  He has degrees in Vocal Performance and Choral Conducting as well as study toward a Masters of Arts in Musicology from California State University at Los Angeles. James made his conducting debut in 1983 with the Pasadena Chorale and Orchestra with his orchestration of ‘Rejoice in the Lamb’ by Benjamin Britten.

James has studied conducting with Christophe Chagnard, Roger Wagner, and Sergio Siminovich and specializes in music from the Medieval to Baroque periods. Locally, he conducted the Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 4 in E-flat Major and Vaughan Williams 3rd symphony in the Northwest Mahler Festival reading sessions in 2004 and 2014. James served as the Assistant Conductor for the Lake Union Civic Orchestra from 2009 to 2011.

James is currently the director of the Kirkland Civic Orchestra since 2004, during the time when the orchestra was then called the Microsoft Orchestra. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer in the Azure division.


DirectorJames Truher (interim)
PiccoloJulia Goldstein

Rebecca Grollman
Terri Gustafson
Caren Klosterman   *
Jessica Jacobs
Heidi Pelton 
Nicole Schaffer

OboeVera Risdon *

Janet Eary
Lev Iskolskiy

Bb Clarinet

Brittney Ferrian
Catherine Haddon 
Lauren Hall-Stigerts
Mae Kane 
Michele Metcalf 
Sara Voskuhl 
Anita Wong   *

Bass ClarinetBarbara Hughes
Alto Sax

Elizabeth Royalty   *
Terrell Stephens
Aileen Wilson

Tenor SaxRyan Frazier
Bari SaxTim Wilson

Tyler Bragger
Julia Fletcher
Tony Gepner 
Wendy Hatheway
Cody Maynor 
Bob Mosgrave 
David Spangler   *

French Horn

Christian Blakely
Lauren Califano 
Tedd Dideriksen 
Suzann Frazier   *
Corey Grief 


Vinnie Christ
Eamon Essex
Jerry Metcalf   *
Jeanne Weiss


Tony Andrews
Julie Gendrich *


Andrea Brown
John Horn
Gary Wilson   *


Karin Brodd   *
Roger Glerum
Sheri Kittay 
Shelah Anne Woo 

* denotes principal