About the Director – John Werth

A self-described “band music fanatic”, John Werth is a former high school band director and an active performer in local community bands as bass clarinetist with the Washington Wind Symphony and Seattle Wind Symphony. He is also the founding and current conductor of the River Winds Concert Band.

John began his college career majoring in the sciences, but played in university groups as an undergraduate. He has often said that he “joined the band to meet girls” – and in 1985 he met his wife Julie while playing with the University of Oregon Wind Ensemble. Julie is also a clarinetist and plays with the River Winds Concert Band, Kirkland Civic Orchestra and others.

While pursuing his PhD in mathematics, he realized that his heart really lay in music. In 1990, he left graduate school and entered the California State University Northridge music program with the intent of becoming a high school band director, which he did after graduating three years later with a degree in music and music education.

John and Julie now live in Redmond with their Belgian Shepherds, Sasha and Nick. They operate Union Hill Winds from their home, where she teaches clarinet lessons and he repairs woodwind instruments.


DirectorJohn Werth
PiccoloJulia Goldstein

Rebecca Grollman
Caren Klosterman   *
Heidi Pelton 
Nicole Schaffer
Courtney Teter
Jessica Winkler 

OboeVera Risdon *
Lev Iskolskiy
Shannon Nelson

Bb Clarinet

Brittney Ferrian
Catherine Haddon 
Barbara Hughes
Mae Kane 
Gerard Kern
Sheri Kittay 
Michele Metcalf 
Sara Voskuhl 
Anita Wong   *

Bass Clarinet

Kevin Baker
Croix Miller

Alto Sax

Brooke Leary
Elizabeth Royalty   *
Aileen Wilson

Tenor Sax

Ryan Frazier
Terrell Stephens

Bari SaxTim Wilson

Tyler Bragger
Julia Fletcher
Tony Gepner 
Tanton Gibbs
Wendy Hatheway
Cody Maynor 
Bob Mosgrave 
David Spangler   *

French Horn

Caty Barber
Griffin Becker
Lauren Califano 
Tedd Dideriksen 
Suzann Frazier   *
Corey Grief 
Aaron Montalvo 


Vinnie Christ
Dave Franzwa   *
Jerry Metcalf 
Josh Teter 
Jeanne Weiss


Tony Andrews
Julie Gendrich
Chelsee Moe   *

TubaGary Wilson   *

Karin Brodd   *
Roger Glerum 
Melissa Glerum 
Jerry Talcott 
Shelah Anne Woo 
Ron Young 

* denotes principal